16 for 2016 – Not quite New Year’s Resolutions

Following on from 14 for 2014 and 15 for 2015 here’s my list of challenges and activities for 2016.

Visit 1 more Nordic country

Make 2k erg in less than 9 minutes

Climb 3 peaks (any peaks, hills etc)

Spot 4 new cool things whilst diving, fish, invertebrates, plants etc

Take 5 Photos of the Northern Lights (fingers crossed)

Read all 6 Jane Austin

Take 7 trips in René

Visit my 8th African country

Try 9 new foods

Lose 10 pounds (not £)

Write at least 11 blog posts

Have 12 special days with family and friends, parties, days out etc

Record 13 days of gratitude

Attend 14 “things”, shows, exhibitions, fairs, festivals etc

Walk 15 Miles of the South Downs Way

Do 16 good deeds

What do you think?